Frozen Compressed Air Dryer

We hold expertise in offering our quality conscious customers well defined Frozen Compressed Air Dryer. We offer these in various specifications and designs as per the needs of our clients at market leading prices. The products offered by us stringently tested at every stage of development to ensure for high quality and attractive designs.
We are the most experienced and best Frozen Compressed Air Dryer company in Taiwan. We will continue to improve our products through global sales channels, experience and continue to develop high-quality and innovative products. If you are interested in any product, any model, please feel free to contact us.
  • Frozen Compressed Air Dryer - 0.25-4.25 m3/min, 10-150 cfm
Frozen Compressed Air Dryer
Model - 0.25-4.25 m3/min, 10-150 cfm
High Efficiency Freeze Dryer
0.25-4.25 m3/min, 10-150 cfm
Ingersoll Rand can help you maximize energy savings when using its high-efficiency mini-recirculation freeze dryers, while ensuring a continuous supply of dry, high-quality compressed air. It is designed to help users achieve optimum performance at a lower cost of ownership compared to non-recirculating dryers. Its refrigeration system automatically deactivates during periods of low load to reduce energy consumption.

High quality dry air. Dew point according to ISO class 4
Reduce energy consumption. Patented heat exchanger, precooler/reheater, low pressure loss and R134a refrigerant reduce your energy costs.
Run efficiently. Storing cold energy in the form of thermal mass reduces the execution time of the dryer compressor, while an electronic non-destructive drain prevents compressed air loss
Flexible design. Air- and water-cooled options and compact sizes fit any application.
Simple and reliable. Simplified circuit design eliminates thermal expansion valve and fan control switch
- Rated working conditions of the unit: inlet pressure=0.7Mpa, ambient temperature=25°C, inlet temperature=35°C - Rated pressure dew point=7°C
- 3 in 1 Low Pressure Drop Aluminum Heat Exchanger, Rotary Refrigerant Compressor, High Efficiency Condenser - Standard Electronic Blowdown Valve
D12IN-A to D480IN-A
D600IN-A to D5400IN-A
D1140IN-W to D5400IN-W
- R134A refrigerant
- R404A refrigerant
- Variable speed cooling fan controlled by dryer controller
- Energy saving mode
- Pressostatic valve
- Query the latest 10 alarm records in history and remote alarm contacts
- D950IN-A and below the latest 10 alarm records query
- Energy saving mode
- IP42 electrical protection class
- D1140IN-A and above history latest 50 alarm records query
- Query the latest 50 alarm records in history
- Dew point display, remote start and stop of D1140IN-A and above models
- Dew point display and remote start and stop
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Heated Blast Dryer 4.2-226 m3/min, 150-8,000 cfm Heated blower dryers utilize high-performance centrifugal blowers to direct ambient air through heaters and off-line towers to regenerate desiccant. Although heated blower technology requires the highest initial capital investment, its operating costs are significantly lower than other desiccant dryer technologies, as there is virtually no compressed air lost from the system for regeneration. Innovative controls and design reduce energy costs Our new dryers offer a state-of-the-art Energy Management System (EMS). System (EMS) that maximizes energy efficiency while keeping the dew point constant. maintain a constant dew point. by using a humidity sensor Continuously monitoring the dew point, the EMS minimizes the use of compressed air during regeneration. Compressed air used during regeneration and to optimize heater and blower operation. Heated blower models are equipped with a solid state soft starter. starter to limit inrush current, ensuring smooth starts and extending the life of the blower motor. The design of the dryer achieves low pressure drop by Valve selection, column size, and screening routines are all designed to achieve low pressure drop. On heated blower models, the heater and blower are controlled by the outlet regeneration temperature. Controlled by outlet regeneration temperature. Once the desiccant has been fully regenerated, it is turned off to save power. Solid State Relays provide precise heater control, reducing heating time and extending heater life. State-of-the-art microprocessor controller Keep dryer performance at optimum levels, continuously monitor functions, and provide maintenance alerts to keep dryer performance at optimum levels. Monitoring features and provides maintenance alerts and protection notifications. Secure notifications to minimize downtime. Match the control of the dryer to the load/unload status of the air compressor. Load/unload status of the air compressor. Compatible with Modbus. LCD display for easy viewing. Heavy duty screening program for long life Standard heavy-duty pre- and post-filters extend desiccant life and provide maximum particle protection. Extends desiccant life and provides maximum particle protection for downstream air. Maximum protection from downstream air.
Athermal dryer HL HL athermal dryers use dual desiccant towers and strategically positioned valves to dry compressed air. The simple technology of the heatless dryer transfers a portion of the dried compressed air to an off-line tower. Dry air then flows through and regenerates the desiccant. Although operating costs are higher than heated desiccant dryers, the HL series requires the lowest capital investment. high quality air. Proven high performance desiccant technology provides -40°C (-40°F) pressure dew point air for critical applications; pre-screen and post-screen programs protect desiccant and downstream air from oil contamination and particulates. Easy to maintain. Low profile design and easily accessible components simplify installation and maintenance. Reliable operation. High strength desiccant and durable valves and components for extended life Reduce energy use. The low pressure drop design saves energy costs and provides an economical drying solution. Smart control. An easy-to-use, advanced microprocessor helps keep dryer performance at optimum levels while constantly monitoring functions and providing maintenance alerts and protection notifications. heatless dryer The simplest of the three technologies, a heatless dryer diverts a portion of the compressed air that is being dried to another location. The dryer transfers a portion of the dry compressed air to the off-line tower. The air is diverted to the off-line tower. This dry air then flows through Pass and regenerate the desiccant. The purified air, now full of moisture, was harmlessly Exhaust to atmosphere through a muffler. This technology has the lowest capital investment, but can be more expensive to run. It can be more expensive to operate because it requires a portion of the dry compressed air to be diverted into the air system to achieve regeneration of the desiccant. HL heatless dryer Heatless dryers provide the lowest capital investment. From air compressor to air system, Every Ingersoll Rand dryer includes durable, easy-to-maintain valves for high-strength desiccant for unmatched Reliability, performance and customer value.
Zero loss adsorption dryer Features of zero-loss adsorption dryer Automatic continuous operation design The design of heating and regeneration in the opposite direction of the adsorption process, the most energy-saving The closed loop cooling loop design ensures that the adsorbent is not polluted. High safety factor design (number of adsorbents, compressed air flow rate and pressure loss, etc.) Rich experience in design and production Quality Assurance. Pressure dew point temperature below -70°C Zero loss (no compressed air loss during regeneration) Low energy consumption during regeneration Long service life of adsorbent low maintenance cost Use absolutely reliable and effective The efficiency of drying and filtering water is more than 99,9 % reliability Ingersoll Rand's Hot Compression (HOC) dryers, the H-series and HC-series dryers. H-Series and HC-Series dryers are the simplest and most reliable equipment in the world. is the easiest and most reliable in the world. Regenerative dryer. Their designs are innovative. Combined with unmatched performance, it will help ensure the reliability of your compressed air. Helps ensure the reliability of your compressed air system. Air system reliability. - Ingersoll Rand HOC dryer included Proven high performance two-way valve. Provides years of trouble-free operation. - Unique design of HOC dryer including its peeling and cooling loop, allowing it to Able to achieve annual dew point below -40°F (-40°C). - The HOC dryer is equipped with a Microprocessor control system. Maintain performance and monitor Consequently, downtime is minimized. - H- and HC-series dryers can be fitted with multiple compressors, allowing Multiple compressors can be installed, allowing Maximum flexibility without sacrificing Integrity of the compressed air system.
Compression heat recovery dryer HOC Available from 420 to 3,680 m3/hr (250-2,165 scfm), Ingersoll Rand heat of compression (HOC) dryers provide energy efficiency, performance and flexibility. Ingersoll Rand HOC dryers supply instrument quality air at operating costs well below those of typical desiccant dryer designs. Tried-and-true components along with enhanced controls ensure reliable HOC dryers with consistent performance. The flexible design accommodates Ingersoll Rand and/or other oil-free compressors. Ingersoll Rand heat of compression (HOC) dryers provide energy effi ciency, fl exibility and reliability. Energy Effi ciency Ingersoll Rand HOC dryers provide instrument quality air at operating costs well below those of typical desiccant dryer designs. HOC dryers utilize the heat already generated by the air compression process, which is normally considered waste. Low pressure drop design conserves energy by permitting the air compressor to run at lower pressures. Highly effi cient, patented stainless steel heat exchangers provide optimal performance. The Standard HOC model consumes less than 150 watts, which is equivalent to the energy consumed by one light bulb. Flexibility to Accommodate Your Application Ingersoll Rand recognizes that each customer’s application is unique. That is why we designed our HOC dryers with fl exibility to accommodate: Air-cooled or water-cooled applications. Ingersoll Rand or other oil-free compressors Existing compressors through fi eld upgradable/retrofi t options. The HOC dryer was also specifi cally designed with a low profi le to facilitate ease of installation and maintenance as well as promote safety. Critical components are within easy reach for safe and simple maintenance. Low overall height fi ts areas with low overhead clearance.